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Shiawassee Obituary Index

Welcome to the Shiawassee County Obituary Index housed at the Owosso Branch of the Shiawassee District Library. This index is provided as a digital service by the Shiawassee District Library.

This index was compiled from obituaries which were published in the Owosso Argus-Press. Copies of some of the obituaries were clipped by the Shiawassee County Genealogical and Historical Society members; books of these are available in the library's reference section. Additional names and dates were compiled by Fran Hazelton. In most cases, the date listed is the date of publication, not the date of death. Cemeteries are listed for obituaries published after October 1, 2018 when known.

Names were entered as they were published. It is recommended that users also search on alternate spellings as no attempt was made to correct misspelled names or the inconsistent use of a name. As a result, Jane Smith may be listed as Jane Smith, Mrs. Smith, or Mrs. John Smith in different articles. This is particularly true in the older papers before obituaries were published together as they are today. Spellings are also often inconsistent between articles.

This index covers 1862-the present. Recently published obituaries are being added on a regular basis; full text of some obituaries are available on the Argus-Press' web site.

Copies of obituaries may be requested via mail or e-mail; no phone requests will be taken. Requests are handled as time permits. The library does not charge for scanned files sent via e-mail.  There is a charge of $1.00 for the first page and 50 cents for each additional page sent via the mail to cover copy charges and postage.  Copies are available in the library for 25 cents per page from microfilm and 10 cents per page from books. Articles scanned from microfilm will be sent as TIF images; you may be required to install a reader on your computer in order to view these files. Due to the volume of requests, the library is unable to convert files to an alternate format of the reader's preference. The library is also unable to do extensive research for individuals. If more detailed information is needed or records obtained from outside the library, please contact the Shiawassee County Historical Society (PO Box 526, Owosso, MI 48867) to hire a researcher.

Questions and comments regarding this site should be sent to [email protected].
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