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Owosso Carriage & Sleigh Company

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In 1886, J. A. Cooper established a small carriage manufacturing plant in Owosso which would eventually develop into the Owosso Carriage and Sleigh Company.  Ten years later, Cooper's business was purchased by The Owosso Carriage Works, and it became one of the leading manufacturers in Owosso.

In 1905, Stewart's Bank failed because it had overextended itself to the carriage company.  As a result, the Owosso plant was purchased by Jackson Sleigh Company of Jackson, Michigan in 1906 so that the bank's creditors could be paid.  At this time, the name was changed to The Owosso Carriage and Sleigh Company, and production was moved to Owosso.

By 1908, the company was manufacturing more than 60 styles of carriages and about 30 styles of sleighs and cutters.  It employed about 125 men and made about 10,500 carriages and sleighs per year.

Based upon listings in city directories, the carriage company probably went out of business between 1915 and 1921 as the automobile became more popular as a means of transportation.  The building on Milwaulkee Street which had originally housed the carriage company was later occupied by the Field Body Corporation, the Weatherproof Body Cooperation, and, finally, by Burwood Products.  It burned in December 1932.

The library has only one catalog produced by the Owosso Carriage and Sleigh. The date is unknown. This is the only catalog owned by the library.


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